Handshakes and hugs are missed so much. Personally, I miss those human interactions a lot. I've heard that many families have had it tough and have not hugged their grandparents or parents in a very long time because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

It has always been a fear that the younger family members will accidentally infect the parents or grandparents with the coronavirus. That would definitely be tough on the whole family. That has been the main reason why many people have not been hugging or giving each other a kiss.

Just in case you are still wondering if you can see your loved ones after getting vaccinated the answer is yes. According to Intelligencer, once you are vaccinated you are free to hang out with others indoors and not wear a mask. As a matter of fact, The Intelligencer said, "Go hug a vaccinated person right now."

How many times has it happened to you that you reach in to shake their hand and they say, "I am not shaking hands right now because of the COVID-19 virus." Isn't it embarrassing? We get it there is a pandemic but that respectful way of saying hi and shaking someone's hand is definitely missed.

Did you ever think that bumping elbow gets your face a lot closer to that other person than overextending your arm and shaking a hand? You can sanitize right after shaking hands.

According to Los Angeles Times, many families have worried about their loved ones that are at high risk. While the high-risk family members were quarantined all alone, families worried that their grandparents or parents would begin to suffer from depression or other health and mental health issues.

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