I will go out on a limb here and say that I’m currently in my “wine era”. I love getting to try new wines lately and the best place to expand your palette with different wines is by trying out a few with some of your friends at a local winery.

Living in the Mercer County area of Central Jersey, there are just so many different spots to try out that will not only provide you with a fun-filled day of sipping some wine with your favorite people, but you’ll be able to try a bunch of different kinds of wine to narrow down exactly what you’re into.


For me, I’ve realized when you’re trying to get yourself into different types of wine or beer, you just need to taste test a lot of different things so you can weigh out the things you like versus the things you don’t. Even though it’s a little chilly right now, I have a ton of friends who have been trying to get together now that the holidays are finally over and just relax with each other.

If you’re looking to go out and find some of the best wineries in the Mercer County/Central Jersey area, Yelp is such a great tool that I use whenever I’m deciding to try out a new place.

The Best Winery in The Central Jersey Area According to Yelp

There are quite a few wineries in the area that have made the Yelp list, but since there are no wineries on every street corner in Mercer County, NJ, you may have to drive just a little bit to get to some of these. A few local wineries that made the list are Hopewell Valley Vineyards and Working Dog Winery, but the #1 rated winery in our area is right in Hunterdon County.

Angelico Winery is located in Lambertville, New Jersey, and has a lot of 5-star reviews on Yelp. It looks like it has a sort of rustic/modern feel based on their pictures online and it looks absolutely beautiful. It’s located at 20 Hamp Road in Lambertville.

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