With the coronavirus pandemic, it feels like 2020 is somewhat trying to bring back some old school vibes. What I mean by that is that it is bringing back drive-in movies and now even drive-in concerts. It is becoming such a "trend" again that even Six Flags Great Adventure is doing drive-in concerts.

According to NJ.com, Six Flags Great Adventure is trying to be up to date with all of the new trends. They recently made it known that it will host its first drive-in concert in its parking lot. Six Flags Great Adventure is not new to the whole concert seen. 94.5 PST had a concert there a few years back at the Northern Stars Arena.

We learned from NJ.com that Six Flags Great Adventure is planning to host the Australian Christian country duo, For King and Country, on October 3rd. The tickets for the Six Flags Great Adventure drive-in concert are not going to be cheap. It was reported by NJ.com that drive-in concertgoers will be looking at a ticket price of $125 per car, which allows only 4 people per car. It would be around $31.25 per person if you split it four ways. If you would like to bring an extra person it'll be $25 extra per person.

These drive-in concerts are a little interesting to me because if the people organizing the concert are forcing you to practice social distancing and to remain in your vehicle during the show, is it really a fun concert to go to?

Usually, when you go to concerts you are standing in a big crowd and feel like you are a part of the show while dancing a little. If you are sitting in your car, you can't do that. So, doesn't that take away the whole "concert feel" of it?

Six Flags Great Adventure has made it clear that they are following all COVID-19 social distancing guidelines.

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