We all remember when Snookie swore she was never going to go back to Jersey Shore right? Well, that was back in December 2019, and, it seems like that didn’t last too long because she is back. TMZ reports that Snookie was seen with Angelina having lunch at Lucco Cucina + Bar in Florham Park, New Jersey. The whole restaurant is lit for a TV show and there are cameras rolling right next to them. There is even a producer sitting at the next table, in a mask of course.

TMZ noted that it seemed odd that the cast member she was having lunch with was Angelina, as the two were not very close. Throughout the filming of Jersey Shore, the two were constantly at each other’s throats. Even going as far as to take shots during a speech at Angelina’s wedding.

There are currently two rumors circulating as to why these two, specifically, had this lunch and why it was filmed. The first, according to TMZ, is that the two made up or were using this lunch to bury the hatchet and the other is that Snookie is using this lunch and the cameras as a way to promote her new show “Beach Cabana Royale” on Discovery+.

It’s not clear yet whether Snookie is going to be back as a full cast member of Jersey Shore or if she is just going to have some guest appearances here and there but fans will be thrilled to hear that she is back home on MTV.


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