Did you miss her?

When Jersey Shore went off the air many rejoiced. Some lamented. Television execs just sat back and figured how to keep the cash flowing.

There was the spinoff Snooki & JWoww in 2012. Then came Nicole & Jionni’s Shore Flip. She was on Dancing With The Stars and a contestant on The New Celebrity Apprentice. (Spoiler alert: she crashed and burned after task 4.)

So if you just still can’t get enough Snooki after all that it’s your lucky day. Paramount+ is a new streaming service from ViacomCBS and Paramount Pictures. What better way to announce their launch than a cast of celebrities climbing Paramount Mountain? We’re talking names like DJ Khaled, James Corden, Mr. Spock and others. When others include Beavis and Butthead and Dora The Explorer this clearly becomes a motley crew. Who better to round it out in that long slog up the wintry mountain than our very own Snooki.

Of course she’s clad in a leopard print jacket and does nothing but complain.

“This sucks! I’m too hungover for this!”

Now maybe we’re jumping the gun. Paramount+ isn’t confirming that she’ll be in the Super Bowl version itself but she’s been in two of the four ads that are part of the Super Bowl ad campaign and was featured in one that aired during the January 24 ACF Championship Game between the Bills and Chiefs. If it’s still not enough Snooki for you, she’s in a new HGTV production called Beach Cabana Royale.

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