Everyone is in desperate need of a getaway. After being quarantined for almost six months, I can tell you that I’m ready for a safe and sanitary vacation. Only thing is, Americans are banned from almost every country in the world. So I guess we're gonna have to bring the vacation to us.

Here are a few vacation spots you can visit that are driving distance from Philly! According to The Philadelphia Inquirer, these spots are all about 2 hours away from Philadelphia. The first is Ledges Hotel in Hawley, Pennsylvania. Some people know this as The Poconos, and here you are right next to a beautiful waterfall. You can have so much fun outdoors with your family, shop at infamous stores, and eat at a highly recommended restaurant called Native.

Another one is Tiny Estates in Elizabethtown, PA. It’s exactly like it sounds, tiny, campground inspired homes. There is free wifi, contact free check in, and do not worry, you have plumbing. You can enjoy fire pits, fishing, and biking.

Here’s another fun one! This time, we’re going to the Inn at Perry Cabin in St Michaels, Maryland. You can go sailing or go on a boat with your family. And, the crabcakes there are apparently amazing. The scenic house is also a great spot for golden hour and a beautiful sunset.

Lastly, the River House at Odette’s in New Hope, PA is a must. Here, you are given farm-to-table food that is made right in Bucks County. Whiskey cocktails and a piano bar are also provided. You can take a relaxing walk by the waterfront too.

Those are just some recommended vacations you can go on. Plus, they are all safe and socially distanced, what could be better than that?



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