This is the laugh that I didn't know I needed today. I'm not sure if whoever did this thought this would actually work or not, but I give them an A for effort. Someone spray painted a fake crosswalk onto a street in New Jersey, and the police are on the hunt for whoever did it.

This happened in Union County at the intersection of Vauxhall Road and Brookside Drive which is a very busy street. What gave it away was the wobbly, uneven lines that look like they were chalked onto the road.A police on patrol noticed it Thursday morning.

The police are calling this an act of mischief and would like to have a sit down discussion with whoever is responsible. "If by chance the spray painter reads this, please call our traffic bureau so we can discuss this,” police wrote in a Facebook post.

I highly doubt whoever did this will turn themselves in. But if you by chance have any idea as to who did this, the police would like Anyone with any information is asked to call Union police at 908-851-5000.

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