PetSmart probably ruined it for every dog groomer in New Jersey. . . Alright maybe not every dog groomer. Many people are mad at PetSmart because after they groomed a bunch of dogs they all ended up dying. Strange we know.

Dogs And Their Owners Arrive For The Westminster Dog Show
Credit: Michael Brown

There now will soon be a groomer law and New Jersey can possibly be the first state to ever have the Bijou's Law. Yes, that the name of the bill which is after a 6 year old puppy that died after being groomed. To become a licensed groomer you must be at least 18 years of age and you will be required to pass the exam to be licensed.

Many groomers are agreeing with this bill which is also a little shocking. The reason why it catches many off guard is because this license isn't going to be issued for can possibly be a financial burden for many.


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