You'd better slow down in work zones in Pennslyvania, or it's going to cost you soon, according to Levittown Now.

PennDOT and the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission have announced that the speed limits in work zones will be strictly enforced starting Monday, March 8.

The downright dangerous Route 1 and PA Turnpike road work area in Bensalem was the test area for the "Automated Work Zone Speed Enforcement" program (AWZSE). The test period just ended, and now enforcing will begin across the state. The program tracks your speed by electronic speed timing devices, and if you're going 11 miles per hour or more over the speed limit, then you're busted.

Here's the breakdown on fines:
After your first offense, you'll get a warning letter in the mail.
After your second offense, you'll get a violation letter and a $75 fine.
For the third offense and beyond, another letter and a $150 fine, the article states.

You won't get any points, though, because it's a civil penalty.

There will be signs posted before the work zone, warning you of the automated enforcement area ahead.

The Turnpike CEO Mark Compton said, "While there can be fines assessed, the AWZSE program’s goal is not to generate revenue. The goal is to build awareness and most importantly, to change unsafe driving behaviors. The program serves as a roadway reminder that safety is literally in each driver’s hands when they are behind the wheel.”

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