Last weekend I was crushed when my flight to Florida was cancelled by Spirit Airlines.

It was the first time in over 50 flights over a 20 year period that one of my flights was cancelled. My planned quick 24-hour Florida visit had to be scrapped because of it.

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I was disappointed.

I'm writing this now to say that my disappointment has turned to understanding - and a new appreciation for Spirit Airlines.

When my flight was cancelled, within an hour or two, Spirit contacted me with other flight options or an offer of a full refund.

Because of outside factors with my schedule, I couldn't reschedule my trip - I had to scrap it altogether.

The very next business day (Monday) - this happened Friday night - my 100% full refund had already showed up in my bank account. I was pleasantly surprised!

I also received several responses from Spirit. A Spirit representative explained that the cancellation was weather related. The representative also went out of her way to make sure I still didn't want to reschedule my flights. She was very helpful, apologetic, and informative.

I was pleasantly surprised! Spirit is a big corporation with tens thousands of customers, yet they made sure I was satisfied with their explanation. "What else can we do for you" was a phrase asked of me several times.

Honestly, they already went over and above.

I've always been a customer of Spirit and I will continue to be one going forward. Here's why: Atlantic City Airport is the easiest airport to navigate in the world. (It's also 12 minutes from my house - so convenient!) Spirit flies places I want to go - cheap!

Yes, Spirit is a "no frills airline" - but, I know that going in, and I accept it. To put in basic terms: they can take me where I want to go, cheaply and conveniently.

If anyone needs me, look for me in the Big Front Seat heading south!

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