has a place where you can stay to avoid the world right now if the pandemic and election stress are too much for you. has an actual man made cave 50 feet below ground available for $5 a night in New Mexico. It's first come first serve, so if you're serious about it, it'll be available to be booked on October 9th at 9am. It looks pretty awesome if you're into that whole living underground kind of thing.
loading... is also offering some other deals to relieve some pandemic and election stress. Check those out here.

This pandemic has given tons of people anxiety. Some people have never had anxiety in their life before this pandemic, and some people had it, but the pandemic has made it so much worse. I am one of those people. I had said over and over again that if my Dad didn't live down the shore and we were able to go down there almost every weekend I would have lost my mind. Thank goodness we had that getaway, but I know not everyone has that, so the fact that is offering something like this is awesome.

I honestly think this is a great idea, but I think you need to mail in your ballot for whatever candidate you're voting for before you hibernate. It is so important for Americans to vote despite the scariness of the pandemic. We, as Americans have the power to choose who runs our country for the next four years and I don't think it's something we should take for granted So if you're interested in getting some R&R in this cave, great! But like I said, VOTE FIRST!

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