Oh no, another beloved business is struggling.

It seems to be the norm these days that businesses, especially food businesses, announce the paring down of locations. It's so sad.

This time it's a grocery store chain that has 57 locations in New Jersey.


I hope it's not your grocery store affected by the closures. It seems so silly, but, you get attached to your regular grocery store, right? I get it, I am attached to mine too. You get to know where everything is. You like the brands it carries. You have your favorite cashiers. If mine closed, I would be very upset.

Stop & Shop Announces Store Closures

The grocery store chain, Stop and Shop, is the one that has announced that it will be closing locations, according to Fox Business.


The reason for the closures? The article states the stores that will be shut down are underperforming.

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A spokesperson for Stop & Shop made a statement that said, "Stop & Shop will make some difficult decisions to close select underperforming store locations to help ensure the long-term health and future growth for our business."

At this time it has not been revealed which, if any, of the 57 locations in New Jersey will be closed for good.

Shopping cart with foods at the grocery store

The article also says Shop & Shop "continues to hold a strong market share position in the Northeast."

Hopefully, New Jersey stores will be spared from the impending closures, but, I don't know that for sure.

As soon as I find out any more information or which stores will be closing, I will pass it along.

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