Save the date. The Sunflower Festival at Holland Ridge Farms in Cream Ridge, NJ, will be opening September 21st. If it's anything like their Tulip Festival, it will be breathtaking. I can't wait to go.

Imagine acres and acres (I think it's about 50 acres) of nothing but beautiful, bright sunflowers. Get ready to strike a pose. You won't want to miss this photo op for your Instagram. Lol. They welcome photographers by the way, so dress up the family, bring a photographer, and maybe you could get this year's holiday card out of the way.

The festival runs from September 21st  - October 27th from 9am to 6pm, each day. Their Ticket Booth closes at 5pm, so don't be late. If you can go during the week, do it. That's when I went to their Tulip Festival, and it was great....the crowd was light. My friends have told me the weekends tend to get pretty crowded.

There are food trucks if you'd like to buy lunch or a snack, and they have a bakery there too. Also while you're there, take your kids to see the farm animals, go on the hayride, check out the little Good 'Ole Days Museum, and relax and learn all about the flowers in their Hollandwood Theatre. Cute, right?

If it's like the Tulip Festival, you can pick (and buy) the sunflowers in designated areas.

Click HERE to find out more details. Follow their Facebook page for bloom update, and gorgeous pics of their fields.

Holland Ridge Farms is located at 86 Rues Road, Cream Ridge, New Jersey.

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