If you’ve been a fan of Survivor for years, you’ll remember Rudy Boesch.

He was one of the finalists on the show’s first season back in 2000. TMZ is exclusively reporting that Boesch died last night (Friday, November 1). He was 91 years old. Rudy's family tells TMZ that the reality TV star died from complications related to Alzheimer’s Disease.

Rudy was 72 when he appeared on the show in 2000, making him the oldest contestant ever. Richard Hatch would ultimately win that season, Rudy placed third in the final tribal council.

Boesch, who was retired Navy Seal also appeared on an All-Stars season of the ‘Survivor’ in 2004 as well.

Rudy’s wife, Marge, died back in 2008. Rudy had three kids.

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