Looking for a sweet treat after a long day of work in South Jersey? The people of Yelp have spoken and it’s clear what the very best bakery in the entire South Jersey area is.

If you have never used Yelp before, it’s a tool used to view reviews, good and bad, of different businesses. Going to a brand new hotel for the first time? Yelp will for sure have reviews on the rooms and staff. Trying out a restaurant you haven’t heard much about?

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There’s for sure a Yelp review posted about the food quality and wait staff. No matter what sort of feedback you need before going to a new place or trying a new business, you can rely on past customers thanks to Yelp.

The reviewers on Yelp in the South Jersey area have officially named this Haddonfield, New Jersey bakery the very best in the area! You can always narrow down your searches to specific regions, towns, cities, etc and for the South Jersey area, this adorable little bakery is a must-stop.

Sweet T’s Bakeshop Named Best Bakery in South Jersey

According to Yelp If you’re looking for amazing pastries and some deliciously unique cupcakes, this bakery is for sure worth the visit. Some of the cupcakes that caught my eye were their Blueberry Velvet, French Toast, and Root Beer Float.

If you’re an adventurous eater and want to try out cupcakes you’ll probably never find at another bakery, this is the place to go.

Deirdre C, a Yelp reviewer from Philadelphia rated Sweet T’s Bakeshop 5 stars and said “The minute I walked in I was in love! I had never been in the shop before. It is so beautiful and charming and I wanted to buy everything!”

They have brownies, cookies, crumb cakes, pastries, and cupcakes and specialize in custom cakes that genuinely blew me away.

So, South Jersey. Have the people of Yelp gotten this one right? Sweet T’s Bakeshop is located at 14 Kings Court in Haddonfield, New Jersey.

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