If you’re getting ready for the “Swiftie Bowl” next weekend, this restaurant and bar in Asbury Park has exactly what you need. We’re all looking forward to Super Bowl weekend coming up next weekend and for obvious reasons.

You can eat your weight in buffalo chicken dip and start drinking at noon with your friends and family. It is just one of the most chill days of the year, unless your team is playing in the game.


If you’re going to be in Asbury Park on Super Bowl Sunday this year, Cardinal Provisions has the best brunch option for all of the Swifties. This season was a HUGE season for the NFL and it has to do with Taylor Swift.

We’ve all been following the Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce love story all season long, whether you intended to or not. Now, to celebrate Taylor’s boyfriend’s big moment, this brunch spot in Jersey is completely dedicating its menu to honing the queen herself, Taylor Swift.

Cardinal Provisions,  announced on their Instagram that you can schedule to pick up food featured on their “Super Bowl Menu: Taylor’s Version”. Some of the menu items include the Tim McGraw Nachos, Cruel Sliderrs, Bad Blood(Y Mary), Getaway Car, and more.

Everything looks like it’s the perfect way to please everyone at your Super Bowl party this year whether they’re there for the Love Story or not.

According to a post by NJ.com, Cardinal will be cutting off orders days before the game, so you for sure want to click this link and order now if you want to get your hands on some of these really awesome eats for your party.

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