Swifties have been deciphering Taylor Swift's latest album evermore ever since its surprise release on December 11. One of their theories? That the song "Dorothea" is about Selena Gomez.

Shortly after Swift released her ninth studio album on December 11, Twitter user @KByeRevival shared a thread revealing why she believes that the song could be referencing Gomez. Prior to the album's release, Swift admitted that her lyrics blur the lines of fantasy and real-life.

As for the title of the song, the fan pointed out that Gomez's character in the film The Fundamentals of Caring was named "Dot," short for Dorothea, and that her favorite movie growing up was The Wizard of Oz.

Plus, Gomez took part in beauty pageants growing up, and Swift sings on the song, “Your mom and her pageant schemes." Another line references Dorothea selling "dreams, makeup and magazines." Gomez recently launched her Rare Beauty makeup line and has been on the cover of countless magazines this year.

Swift also sings about only seeing her on a tiny screen, which could be in reference to the pandemic keeping her and Gomez apart, or Gomez's new HBO Max cooking show.

Other fans pointed out that the song could reference her previous releases and storyline from folklore. During her YouTube live chat, Swift confirmed that there is not a direct continuation between her folklore characters—Betty, James and August—but that there is a loose connection. "In my mind, Dorothea went to the same school as Betty, James and Inez. You'll meet her soon," she said.

See tweets about the fan theory, below.

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