TCNJ strives to make sure their students are cared for and supported. Their students’ safety, health and well being are just some of the main focuses of the school. According to, The College of New Jersey announced the launch of a crisis and suicide prevention hotline that will be student-operated.

The college has started training 34 students in September to answer phone calls at the school’s first prevention hotline. also mentioned that the hotline is solely dedicated to TCNJ students.

If you are thinking, "How is a student going to help another student?", don’t worry there is some prep to it. reported that the 34 TCNJ students answering the phone will go through some great training given to them by guest speakers that have had experience in the field. It has also been mentioned that the trainings are being facilitated by Marc Petchel and it’s completely free.

Students who are studying psychology, sociology, communications, and public health will serve as volunteers. The program filled up within a week of students wanting to help in any way they could.

The hotline start date has not yet been announced but the school did share that the students that have been hired for the crisis and suicide prevention hotline will also be taking calls for other hotlines starting next semester.

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