Many people say that teachers of all levels of education are very underrated and we can all agree with that. Professors and teachers are the ones that get our new generations up and running with their careers and are not fully appreciated for all that they do.

According to Good Morning America, a student from The College of New Jersey, Katherine De Oliveira, along with her fellow classmates made sure that they let their professor know that they are thankful for him. We learned that a total of 30 students thanked their statistics professor, Adam Schrager, for "his kindness" by making "handwritten signs and heart-warming messages." All the students shared their heart-warming messages during a zoom class.

The video that was originally shared on TikTok by @vizzywap shows how all of the students turned on their cameras all at once and surprised professor Schrager with their signs. His first reaction was, “Oh! Wow! that is the nicest thing ever,” while still in shock. With all of the students holding signs that said "Thank you for the great semester" and "Thank you so much professor Schrager" the professor made sure he screen captured the computer screen to be able to share the moment with others on Facebook.

With so many trends happening on social media professor Schrager had to ask the students if "that's a thing or just for me?" In the TikTok video, you can hear some students answer and say that it was just for Professor Schrager.

We are sure the students were happy to hear that the professor was so surprised and thankful for the heart-warming messages. He gave the class a surprise as well when he said, "No final. Everyone gets 100." We don't know if everyone will be getting 100 for the class for sure but we do know that the messages shared by students made the TCNJ professors night.

To all teachers and professors, we are grateful for all of your hard work.

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