This is why we can't have nice things at the Jersey Shore.

Memorial Day Weekend has landed at the Jersey shores, along with the traffic, crowds, party-goers, boogey boards... and mayhem! If you ventured to Seaside Heights, New Jersey for the long holiday weekend, are you okay?

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Seaside Heights, which has increasingly built a reputation as one of the "wild party" boardwalks of New Jersey ever since MTV's Jersey Shore filmed there in the late 2000's, has been absolutely slammed with rowdy, rambunctious young crowds over the Memorial Day weekend!

The evidence is all over TikTok in multiple videos showing huge crowds of young people running amok, and boardwalk authorities struggling to keep the peace.

In the videos you can see a huge crowd gathering around what appears to have been the root of the commotion, but it's unclear. One thing's for sure, it was chaotic!

What caused all the turmoil? Turns out, there were false reports of gunfire at Seaside Heights on Saturday night, which caused the panic. Police responded to the scene of the chaos to disperse Fortunately, there was no shooting and no one was harmed, according to the Ocean County Sheriff's Office.

Basically, it was just a bunch of kids causing a disturbance. Again.

Previously, similar crowds erupted in Seaside Heights during Spring Break last month in April.

After the false reports of a shooting on Saturday, Seaside Heights put a teen curfew in place, ordering all teens to be off the streets by 10 pm unless they're accompanied by an adult.

Other Jersey shore towns have put similar teen curfews in place for the summer, but do you think it's really enough?

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