With all that is going on in the world right now, encouragement is needed more than ever. Even though most states have begun to reopen, millions of healthcare workers are still working to combat the global pandmeic every single day. On the other hands you have millions of Americans who have lost their jobs. As a result they are cooped up in their homes all day in isolation awaiting a silver lining.

Sinch in partnership with Mental Health America created The Text For Humanity switchboard. It actually launched back in January with the sole purpose of combating negativity and to allow strangers to share positive and uplifting messages to each other.  According to GoodNewsNetwork, since the program launched more than 83,000 messages of  encouragement and positivity have been exchanged across 85 countries.

Now that we have entered into this global pandemic, they platform has been used for a new purpose. #TextForHumanity now lets people choose to participate  by identifying as either a frontline worker, or someone living in isolation. Then random people from around the world can choose what group they would like to send a personalized message to. This is the chance to say thank you to doctors, nurses, grocery store workers and more for risking their lives every single day.

The cool thing about this platform is that once you send out a positive message, you get one back in return from someone in the world. It is 100 percent free and enabled by WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and regular text messaging so everyone with a phone can join..


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