Calling all seafood lovers!

If you're hungry for a taste of the sea, what can be better than cracking on some crab legs, twirling some seafood pasta, biting into succulent scallops slurping on some oysters or digging into some tender fish?

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Finding quality, reliable, fresh, delicious seafood is not a task to be taken lightly. So where can you find some of the absolute best in New Jersey? compiled a list of the Best Seafood Restaurants in Every State, based on reviews and rankings by food writers and customers. As for their pick for New Jersey, we're going to Somers Point!

The Anchorage Tavern Restaurant - Somers Point

According to Cheapism, The Anchorage Tavern Restaurant, located at 823 Bay Ave in Somers Point, is the best seafood restaurant in New Jersey!

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Looking at this quaint wooden tavern from the outside, you probably wouldn't guess that a great seafood dining experience awaits inside. Here's what Cheapism had to say about this place:

"...Being featured on "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives" raised the profile of The Anchorage Restaurant — but locals didn't need any convincing. The tavern has been a Somers Point staple for more than a century, and New Jerseyans have watched it evolve into one of the most lauded eateries in the state.

On their menu you'll find seafoody dishes like Baked Lobster mac and cheese, Oysters Rockefeller, Fried Calamari, Steamed Clams, Jumping Barbecue Shrimp, Maryland Style Crab Cakes, Lobster Franchaise and more!

If you've never been, this is definitely a must-try spot for the whole family!

Do you think The Anchorage Tavern has the best seafood in the state?

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