We have some AMAZING ice cream shops in Central NJ. This is Fact.

In fact, one of them is so good, that it's just been recognized as one of the all around BEST ice creams shops in the country in 2022!

Thrillist, a national website that covers all things food, drink and travel just came out with their list of "The 40 Best Ice Cream Shops in the U.S." and of them is right in Princeton NJ!

Congratulations to The Bent Spoon! Located at 35 Palmer Square W, Princeton, this is a long-time local, staple shop in Princeton has some of the best ice cream you can get in whole doggone country!

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What makes this place so great? Thrillist had some touching words:

[The Bent Spoon] has garnered a loyal cult following based on a whopping 550 flavors, which rotate in and out of the little shop 24 at a time. This is a place where seasonality is king, and while you can always get a top-notch traditional flavor or a modified classic (think Habanero Chocolate), the place is also doing the kind of flavor experimentation normally reserved for the chemistry lab.


Which is so true. Only The Bent Spoon would ever think to make a sweet Jersey corn and Old Bay seasonal ice cream flavor - and make it taste good!!

Or maybe you could try this sweet basil flavor!

You could literally come into this shop all year and never taste the same thing twice. What a sweet win for Central NJ!

What the wildest, most delicious flavor you've tried at The Bent Spoon? Sound off in the comments!


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