I'll never forget what happened when I was getting married and I met up with my cousin Kara for dinner. She and I were talking about my wedding and specifically my bridal shower and registry and all that. She said, "That's so good that you made a registry because you want some Great Aunt buying you an air fryer you don't want." I laughed so hard when she said this because I did in fact register for an air fryer. I had heard such good times about them. So my bridal shower comes and while I am opening gifts, from cousin Kara, there was an air fryer. Such a funny memory! Fast forward almost three years later, I am obsessed with my air fryer and i use it basically every day. People who don't have them don't even know what they're missing. if you're thinking about getting one, I wanna tell you what to use it for.

The Best Foods to Make in Your Air Fryer

The Best Foods to Make in an Air Fryer

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