If you’re a shore homeowner in New Jersey, we are smack in the middle of what they call “local summer”. Local summer is typically just after Labor Day and it’s when the tourists move back inland and it’s time for the beach town locals to enjoy the amenities that their home towns have to offer.

A lot of us only see the Jersey Shore during the summer months of the year, but there are still plenty of things to check out along the Jersey Shore even during off season!



A list was made by a website called ‘Only in Your State’ and it ranked the best beach towns that are the most peaceful to explore during the off-season I’d say they hit the nail on the head!

Island Beach State Park, Highlands, Long Beach Island, Ocean City, Asbury Park, and Brigantine all made this list, but there is one beach town left that took the very top spot!

Cape May was listed as #1 on this list and was even named a “year-round resort town”.


I would have to back them up and say this couldn’t be more true! Although Cape May, New Jersey is known for its beautiful beaches and classic Jersey Shore beach town vibe, there are plenty of things to do in the area during the off-season that are just as much fun as the things you’d get to do in the heart of July!

There are so many unique restaurants, visit the Cape May brewery or Cape May winery, shop, and even just visit Washington Street Mall! Cape May is the perfect town to visit year-round in New Jersey!

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