For years we cut down our own Christmas tree. Every year, we'd go out to a local tree farm, with saw in hand (John's hand, not, and wander around for hours until we found the perfect tree.

Shape is so important to me. There can't be any branches awry, and sometimes it took a little trimming, but, we always found a great one. The smell of the fresh tree was amazing and would fill the house.

We would even smell it all the way upstairs, and the tree was down in the living room, until one year, our allergies just couldn't take it anymore. I truly miss it...the whole experience...even though we almost got divorced a few times over which tree to pick.

If you'd like to chop down your own Christmas tree (or pick up a freshly cut tree), there are a lot of great tree farms in the area.

Patch had a great guide, although, it's missing some great ones.

Make sure to check out Carroll Tree farm, they have beautiful wreathes too. Here's their Facebook page. They're on Princeton Pike in Lawrence.

Another great one that my sister likes is in Allentown, NJ. Keris Tree Farm & Christmas Shop. If you're in the area, check it out. Awesome trees, Santa, hot chocolate, just a great holiday experience.

Check out more of the list from Patch.

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