Taylor Swift revealed on her social media yesterday morning that she was going to release a new Christmas song, and a video to go along with it, last night at midnight, and she did. It's an original song called, "Christmas Tree Farm," and it's about her roots in Berks County, PA. How cool is that?

Seems crazy, but, she just wrote it. She said in her Twitter video, "Ok, this is pretty wild, but, I've just written a Christmas song. I feel like it's weird to just like wait a year to put it out." Then she asks her cats what to do, and they, well, act like cats, and don't care at all. Lol. I'm glad she didn't listen to them.

Taylor grew up on a Christmas tree farm in Cumru Township, PA, before moving with her family to Wyomissing Hills, then, heading to Nashville to become mega-famous, according to WFMZ-tv.

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