The TikTok trends never cease to amaze me and probably everyone else that scrolls through TikTok. I will be honest, I have tried a few of the trends and have failed at doing many. It is a fun time though. I normally try to do ones that are not gross though.

Speaking of gross TikTok trends, the one that is disgusting right now is the one where people are sticking garlic cloves in their nostrils. If you have no idea what the garlic will do, well, let's just say that you will have a ton of snot coming out.

Literally a TON of snot coming out of your nose.

It's just garlic cloves in your nostrils but really who knows how safe this really is. The amount of snot that people get out of their noses does not look safe or healthy.

From the looks of all the snot that comes out of your nose after having the garlic cloves in your nostrils, it would be perfect for anyone that has a stuffy nose and is struggling to breathe.

@laurenwhelxn was not lying about not looking attractive at all with all that snot coming out. This makes everyone look unattractive and just nasty.

A different TikTok user said she was only doing it for science but it seems like it did not work on her.

We did a little research and it was mentioned on that garlic cloves can actually mess you up and "it might irritate your nostrils and make them less effective."

Making your nostrils less effective sounds like a terrible thing that can happen to the human body.

Be very careful when it comes to TikTok trends you really want to try.

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