You're coming to PST's Freedom Festival, right?  You better be, because if you're not, you're going to miss out on tons of great food.

It's this Saturday at Mercer County Park. Admission is free, live music starts at 3pm. You can check out all of the details HERE.

I bet you'd agree, so one of the best parts of summer festivals is all the heavenly smelling food. You can usually get a waft of the deliciousness right as you get out of your car, and it makes you want to charge towards the festival gates. Make sure you bring your appetite.

I know you'll give it a good ole' try, but, you won't be able to eat it all, so here are some suggestions on what I think shouldn't be missed, although, you can't go wrong at any of the food tents and trucks.

In no particular order:

1. Lou's Chili Dogs & Rootbeer Floats: If you're looking for fresh hot dogs, hot knishes, soft pretzels, nachos, italian ice and root beer floats, make sure you stop by.

2. 5 Star Grilled Chicken: Great if you'd like a healthier option.

3. Goodnoe Farm Dairy Bar food truck: This is quality ice cream....and it's not just ice cream. You can get your summer festival favorites here like, funnel cake, fried oroes, and much more.

4. Grilly Cheese Food Truck: Who doesn't love grilled cheese? This isn't just grilled cheese, this is gourmet grilled cheese and delicious sides.

5. Food for All Food Truck : It's run by a husband and wife team. Go check them out and say hi. They have a little bit of everything. They pride themselves on freshness and buy local as much as they can. The chicken parm, meatball, and eggplant parm sliders are the best. They have salads too, and so much more.

See you at PST's Freedom Festival this Saturday, June 29th, at Mercer County Park.


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