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Happy Hour at the Boathouse at Mercer County Park Kicks off June 20

You'd better send a group text to all your friends and tell them the news that the crazy-popular series of Happy Hours at the Boathouse in Mercer County Park in West Windsor starts tonight (Thursday, June 20), according to the Mercer County Park Commission.

The Commission just announced the news on its social media.

The posts reads, "Get your summer started at Happy Hour at the Boathouse! Beginning Thursday, July 20. Mercer County Park, West Windsor" with a bunch of music emojis signaling that once again there will be live music.

Many fans of the weekly summer Happy Hour noticed that there are fewer weeks this year. Last year with 12 dates, this year only 5.

Boathouse at Mercer Lake via Facebook
Boathouse at Mercer Lake via Facebook

The Happy at the Boathouse season usually kicks off a little earlier on the calendar and a few times has been extended into the early fall. We'll see if that happens.

No reason was given for the shortened schedule. We'll just focus on the fun.

Scads of locals turn out for this picturesque event each week. There's a beautiful view of the lake and you can usually catch an amazing sunset.

Happy Hour at the Boathouse is from 5 - 8:30pm

If you've never been, it kicks off at 5pm each scheduled Thursday and runs until 8:30pm, admission is free, there are food & drink specials, and live music from awesome local bands.

Here's something to remember. It's CASH ONLY. You'll probably need to remember to prepare for this. I know many don't carry much (if any) cash with them these days.

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The schedule all depends on the weather. If there is bad weather, there's a good chance it will be canceled for the evening.

Boathouse at Mercer Lake via Facebook
Boathouse at Mercer Lake via Facebook

There will be live music from local bands

Here's the live band schedule:

July 20 - Polish Nannies

July 11 - We May Be Right (Billy Joel Cover Band)

July 25 - Kindred Spirit

August 8 - Polish Nannies

August 29 - Kindred Spirit


Happy Hour at the Boathouse is in Mercer County Park in West Windsor, 334 South Post Road, West Windsor, NJ.

It's a very popular event, so get there early.

Have fun!

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