So many people were bummed that they couldn't make it to the FRIENDS Experience out in New York City the last time they had the setup there. Well, guess what? The FRIENDS Experience is coming back to the city. In an email sent by the FRIENDS Experience, many fans were let in on a little secret. It was stated that fans were being invited to a "limited preview run" of the "even bigger" FRIENDS Experience.

The early access sales are already happening. The FRIENDS Experience email stated that fans that have Citi debit or credit cards are able to purchase tickets on November 10 and 11 before the tickets officially go on sale. If you do no have a Citi card you will have a chance to purchase the tickets starting Thursday, November 12.

Let's see how long this one takes to sell out.

According to FRIENDS Experience, there will be two floors for you to have fun and reenact some of the scenes of your favorite show. It was also mentioned that there will also be new photo opportunities. Even the Ugly Naked Guy will be there for you to poke.

Tickets for the FRIENDS Experience Pop Up are $49. Not too bad. This can be a Christmas present for someone you know that is a super fan. Just giving you some ideas.

It was also mentioned on that they are also following some very strict COVID-19 regulations. All guests must wear a face covering. We learned that in the case that the FRIENDS Experience is forced to close due to the pandemic guests will be allowed to pick a rescheduling date available.

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