It's October, actually almost Halloween, so we've gotta talk about a show featuring some awesome witches. I'm not talking about the Sanderson sisters from Salem, (even though I absolutely LOVE them), I'm talking about the Spellmans from Sabrina the Teenage Witch!

Sabrina the Teenage Witch was a show that aired on ABC back in the 90's and for a while was apart of ABC's TGIF line-up. I remember looking forward to TGIF every single week to watch my favorite shows and Sabrina the Teenage Witch was definitely one of them!  I'm loving my Hulu subscription because I can watch re-runs of it and it's still such an awesome show! Yes, there have been many other shows about witches that have aired on t.v. over the years, but none like Sabrina! I was actually super excited when Netflix announced that they'd be doing a remake of one of my favorite 90's shows, but after watching the trailer for it and being that I'm a huge scaredy cat, I probably won't be watching it. Season One of the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina premiered on Netflix on Friday and it's definitely a darker version of the one that came out in the 90's. But, hey, you might like a little spooky show, so I say if you do, give it a try!


Anyways, back to why I'm really excited today, I just found out that not only is the house where Sabrina the Teenage Witch was filmed is real, but it's actually in New Jersey! Sometimes houses in your favorite shows and movies are not real or they were built just for filming the movie and were taken down right away afterwards. (I found this out when I wanted to visit the house in Practical Magic) Sabrina the Teenage Witch was set in Westbridge Massachusetts, which isn't actually a real town! The house where Sabrina lived with her two Aunts and a talking cat named Salem, is actually in Freehold and it's  not that far from IPLAY America! Twitter user karenkavett when to visit it and even though it's a different color, it's still giving me all the "witchy feels." If you were into the show as much as I was, it's at 64 East Main Street in Freehold and I'm pretty sure it's vacant! Perfect for a few days before Halloween!


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