The Impractical Jokers, is an amazing show on the Tru TV that my husband cannot watch when I'm sleeping because he laughs so hard and so loud. If you've never seen it, four comedians who have been friends for a really long time named Sal, Joe, Q, and Murr, try to embarrass and prank each other while out in public. One of the guys has to perform a challenge set by the other three jokers, and if they say NO, they lose and have to be punished by the other three jokers. They have been out and about in New York and New Jersey plenty of times. It's a really hilarious show.

The guys have become so popular that they even embarked on a tour last year, that they continue again this year. Even more exciting for the guys, according, now they are coming out with a movie. It will be in select theaters February 21st. From the looks of the trailer, the guys are competing against each other to go to a party that Paula Abdul is having. It should be good!

See the awesome trailer below. I can't wait to see it!

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