Welcome to the Inky Awards 2022, the unveiling of South Jersey's absolutely best tattoo places, according to our listeners.

We asked people to tell us about their favorite place in South Jersey to get a tattoo and these were their favorites.

Where Are These Tattoo Places Located?

All of the tattoo shops included are from Atlantic, Cape May, Cumberland, and lower Ocean counties.

What Did the Listeners Like Most About Their Favorite Tattoo Place?

The most obvious things mentioned were the talents of the tattoo artists and how they worked to make sure the client's wishes were understood and followed while offering suggestions of their own.

What Other Considerations Did Listeners Make in Choosing a Favorite Place for

Getting a Tattoo?

Many people brought up the cleanliness of the tattoo shop and the overall vibe of the space. People interested in getting a tattoo are looking for a fun and memorable experience, and that includes everyone working there, from the tattoo artist to the people behind the counter.

What Did You Learn While Compiling This List?

People develop very personal feelings for their tattoo artist and many folks mentioned returning to the same artist or shop again and again. There is a real appreciation for the talent involved in the planning and execution of giving someone a tattoo and the ability to make someone feel comfortable while they are in the process of getting a tattoo.

It seems like the level of artistic talent and craftsmanship in giving tattoos has really increased over the last few years. Take a look at samples of the amazing tattoos from the shops that made our list this year in the 2022 South Jersey Inky Awards!

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