If you’ve driven on the highway within the past 3 months, I know you know what I’m talking about.

Obviously, the majority of us use the highways in NJ and PA daily to get to and from work, do errands, etc, and these electronic signs that are up are giving me life.

My friend and I go to the gym together a few times a week in Bordentown and every time we make our drive out there, we look to see if NJDOT has updated these signs and graced us with any new ones.


During Halloween time and the beginning of fall, there were some signs that were posted all along the highways in our state that had these catchy phrases.

One I noticed that made me so happy was “Hocus Pocus Drive with Focus”, which is so iconic. I also saw a few that said “Get your head out of your apps” which is hysterical.

Whoever is making these signs totally needs a raise because they’re not only sending great messages by making these signs but are making the entire state laugh.

Now that I’ve been on the lookout for these iconic signs, I was so excited when I found the newest one that hit the roads that says “Gobble Gobble Go Easy On The Throttle”.

What a perfect way to get New Jersey in the Thanksgiving day spirit?? This also makes me excited when we officially transition in the official holiday season, because I’m sure there will be a ton about Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, and all of the other holidays that come between November and December.

I also found out you can submit your ideas on NJDOT’s website and they may pick their favorites to put on the boards. Please tell me you’re just as obsessed with these as I am.

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