There's a trendy new way to buy that crush of yours a drink while quarantining, according to Elite Daily.

Did you hear me talking about this on The Scoop this morning (Monday, April 13th)? I think it's a fun idea. Now that everyone's been forced to stay home and go on virtual dates, you can still buy your virtual date a drink by simply sending them the money for their favorite cocktail or a bottle of wine on Venmo.

Then, he or she can find a liquor store near them that is delivering, and waa laa...drinks on you. Now that I'm thinking about it this, you could spring for dinner too. Send food to your date's place. I love this. It's time to get creative people. Hmmm...any florists still delivering in your area? That's a nice idea. You would get bonus points for that. Lol.

You could do this for your friends too, if they're feeling lonely, or low on cash. Kindness matters.

Venmo told Elite Daily, "We’ve seen our Venmo community come together to support each other amidst COVID-19 with payments of goodwill and random acts of kindness."

What do you think about this? Would you go on another virtual date with someone who dropped some cash on you? I'm liking this new trend.


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