I'm someone who can proudly say I'm from New Jersey, and that I truly love my home state. I was born in Trenton and later moved to Hamilton Township. I'm almost a Central Jersey expert... to some degree! Here are the things I think you should never say to some from Central Jersey:

1. "Central Jersey doesn't exist"

If there is no such thing as Central Jersey then at what point does North Jersey and South Jersey begin and end. Of course there is a Central Jersey. Here's a fun fact from Central Jersey's Wikipedia page: New Jersey's geographic center is located in Hamilton Township, Mercer County. I also think the two counties that are perfect place in the center of the state are Mercer and Monmouth counties.

2. "What's a Wawa?"

Wawa is almost like a way of life. You can get a coffee, gas, a hoagie, use the ATM and more. It's an important hub of any local Jersey community.

3. "You say Trenton weird."

Yes, I pronounce my state's capital, Trenton, like "trent-ent" and not like "trent-ton." I'm not sorry about it, and don't want to be corrected. If you're from Central Jersey it just comes out that way.

4. You don't know how to pump your own gas?

The answer is no (or more like maybe). It's a perk of living in the best state. I think I've pumped my own gas twice in my whole life. I probably should learn, but I don't need to. I don't mean it in a condescending way, but I love the convenience of it. It also means more jobs are available in the state.

5. "Have you tried Taylor Ham?"

Who is Taylor and what's their ham about? It's pork roll. Central Jersey is unique because you will hear both being used, but it's pork roll to me. I know the history of pork roll, but let's end the discussion here.

6. "Let's get subs to eat"

I'm not against the word "sub," but hoagie just sounds better when you're trying to describe a delicious handmade sandwich.

7. "It's a pizza, not a pie"

I'm not Italian, but there is a big Italian population, especially in Central Jersey. You eat tomato pie and sometimes when you go out for pizza you say you'd like a pie with pepperoni or any other topping. It's like the classic song "That's Amore" with the famous lyrics: when the moon hits your eye, ike a big pizza pie, that's amore.

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