If you're missing watching sports on TV, you may just like The Titan Games. Make sure to tune into NBC Monday nights at 8pm, to see three New Jersey contestants compete, according to NJ.com.

The Titan Games was created and is hosted by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, and first aired in January 2019. Season 2 kicked off on Monday night (May 25th) with a two-hour premiere. It's a competition show, sort of like American Gladiators, with contestants running through challenging obstacles. Nurses, firefighters, and veterans are among the competitors.

New for this season, you'll see the contestants going up against Olympic athletes (remember, the Olympics were postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic), and pro athletes, since they're not playing right now either. Former NFL player, Victor Cruz, from New Jersey, will be competing.

Overall, the show has 32 people competing. They're broken down by region...the West, Central, and, East. The East squad includes Shantal Athill (a firefighter), Courtney Roselle (a strength and conditioning coach), and Kareen Brinson (a dj and fitness coach). All three from New Jersey. As for the celebs on the East squad, you'll see Hannah Teter, the Olympic snowboarder, and UFC champ, Tyron Woodley.

"We are all in the need to get some sports back into our lives,” Johnson said, in a promo for the show.

So, who wins? One guy and an one girl will be named "Regional Champions," and then will move on to go up against the reigning Titans. The two winners get $100,000....not bad.  If a pro athlete wins, the money will be donated to charity.

My hubby was watching it on Monday, and I have to admit, even though it's not HGTV, I enjoyed watching.

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