There are certain and specific things that make people happy and I feel that one of those things is the holiday season. I just feel like people are generally in a better mood and happier during the holiday season. People love to shop for the perfect gift for their loves ones, they love holiday parties and they love when it snows . Now, this is not everyone, but I think most people do enjoy it. I think it's also something that people have been looking forward to during this pandemic. We all feel like we will get to spend time with out loved ones and we will all realize we take things for granted.

I love listening to Christmas music as I know many do. Some songs I will listen to year after year and never get sick of hearing them. One of them is Carol of the Bells by Trans-Siberian Orchestra. It's a jam and one of those that I feel is a classic Christmas song.

The Trans-Siberian Orchestra puts on amazing shows featuring lights, lasers and sounds, but sadly they will not be touring this year. Forbes reports that the Trans-Siberian Orchestra is the latest musical group to cancel their upcoming tour due to the coronavirus pandemic and it's heartbreaking. They have been touring for twenty years! I've never seen them perform, but I've heard they are unbelievable!

They made an announcement on their Facebook page a few days ago.

For more info, check out this article from Forbes.

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