Nothing beats the holidays in December because it really is the most wonderful time of year. It's also the best time of year when it comes to food and desserts. I have to admit that I've already eaten a ton of cookies and candies. I try to and convince myself that calories don't count around the holidays.

I'm definitely enjoying myself when it comes to sweets. Speaking of candy, I saw this cool article posted by, that listed the favorite candies in each state for the holidays. You can check out the cool interactive map below that shows every state's favorite Christmas candy.

In New Jersey the number one Christmas candy are the Reese's cup minis. When I told a coworker about it he quickly reacted and said that they were not a Christmas candy. To some degree, he's right, but around the holidays they have festive red, green, and gold wrappers that make them look like perfect treats for Christmas. Here are the top three candies for NJ:

1. Reese's cup minis

2. Pez

3. Skittles -- not sure I agree with Skittles being on the list, but I guess a lot of people like Skittles as stocking stuffers

If you live in Pennsylvania you might be happy to see that a classic Christmas candy took the top spot: candy canes. Here are the three candies for PA:

1. Candy canes

2. Reindeer corn

3. Reese's cup minis

Not only did do their candy research, but they also included some fun candy facts. I'll leave you with a couple:

- Did you know that December 26th is National Candy Cane Day

- I knew candy canes were popular but I didn't expect to see that 1.76 billion candy canes are produced every year for the holiday season. Wow.

To read more fun Christmas candy facts and to see the full list of the most popular Christmas candy in each state go here


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