This township in Bucks County has a few native plants that grow naturally.

This is perfect information, hence the fact it's gardening season right now.

Bensalem grows a few native plants and naturally they're great options for gardening in the area.

According to, these "native plants, grew here long before Europeans started building settlements. They're the foundation of the region's biodiversity, and provide key food sources and shelter to birds."

These native plants also attract a certain types of birds which are super important for our environment.

This is the list of plants that are native to Bensalem via ...

-Allegheny Monkeyflower this plant attracts the following birds Waxwings, sparrows, wood warblers and vireos.

-Allegheny Service-Berry this plant attracts the following birds Orioles, wood warblers, waxwings and thrushes.

-Alternate-Leaf Dogwood this plant attracts the following birds Woodpeckers, wood warblers, thrushes, crows and jays.

-American Basswood this plant attracts the following birds Wrens, orioles, thrushes, titmice and chickadees.

-American Beech this plant attracts the following birds Chickadees, titmice, cardinals, grosbeaks and finches.


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