Heads Up if you drive through Bensalem, Pa. You'll now need to be aware that there are new red light cameras at two of the most notorious intersections in town.

Red Light Cameras Installed at Two Intersections, Bensalem Police Announce

Red light cameras have been installed at two of the busiest intersections in the Bucks County, Pa. town.

The Bensalem Police Department confirmed that light cameras have been installed at the corners of:

  • Knights Road and Street Road (in all directions)
  • Route 1 and Old Lincoln Highway
Bensalem, PA Intersections
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A warning period has begun on those roadways today (April 1). And, no, this is not an April Fools joke. So for the next 60 days violators who run these red lights will receive a warning letter in the mail. In fact, here's a sample of what that violation will look like in your in mailbox. 

After that 60-day window, fines will be written, police say. Fines for violating the red light at these intersections will result in a $100 civil penalty, they say. A violation will not affect your driving records, insurance rates, or CDL status. All violations are reviewed by township police officers who will determine their validity.

Similar lights are in place in nearby Abington, PA and Philadelphia.

But it did lead us to the question:

Why Did Bensalem, PA Install Red Light Traffic Cameras?

So we were wondering... why did these intersections get the lights? It stems from a review of five years of accident data at these intersections, officials say.

Additionally, they mentioned an article from Time Magazine that named the corner of Knights Road and Street Road as one of the most dangerous in America.

"Bensalem Police have dedicated patrol resources to these areas, but we believe that the automated system, in conjunction with police enforcement, will significantly reduce accidents," they said in a statement issued on Thursday.

Will Bensalem, Pa Install More Red Light Traffic Cameras?

At this time, these are the only two cameras that are planned within the township. However, if the pilot program is successful, PhillyBurbs.com reports that Bensalem's council may consider approving similar devices at other intersections around town.

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