Made in America is days away and it's about that time to know what are some do's and don't's for the festival.

Here are some frequently asked questions (via

Is it an all-ages event? Yes.
Is it pet friendly? No, but service animals can be an exception.

Now on to the juicier stuff:

According to the Made In America website:

If you try to walk into the festival under the influence the event security has the right to reject your entry. Outside drinks and food are not permitted into the event.

If you are bringing a backpack it cannot be any bigger than 12" by 12", and as the festival website notes, there are NO exceptions.

One rule that kind of bums me out is that flags are not allowed into the festival. It's always awesome to see different countries and/or state flags at festivals, but I guess not at MIA.

You will be allowed to bring camelbacks or botta bags for water but they must be empty when you walk into the event. Free filter water will be provided for everyone.

If you would like to know more FAQ's about the festival you can visit the Made In America website.

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