Coffee fans from all over the state are extremely sad today.

Inkwell Coffee House has officially announced that they are closed for the foreseeable future. I was scrolling on Snapchat last night when I saw 3 different Snapchat stories of people announcing that Inkwell has closed and that they were extremely distraught about it.

This coffee shop in Monmouth County was beloved by so many people and the coffee enthusiasts just can’t bear to see it go!


They announced in their Instagram caption on their latest photo that they will be closed for the foreseeable future and NJ residents are not exactly taking the news well. Inkwell Coffee House was one of the most popular shops in the area along with shops like Rook and Booskerdoo.

Inkwell Coffee House wasn’t your average coffee shop though, they had a lot of different events and specials that made them something really unique to the area.

If you weren’t able to make your way out there while it lasted, Inkwell had lots of land surrounding the actual shop.


There were benches and picnic tables spread out outside where customers could sit and have a cute little coffee picnic at.

They also hosted events like open mic nights and a back patio filled with seating surrounded by fairy lights to really get the vibes right.

It’s so sad to see this shop go!

It was located at 665 2nd Ave in Long Branch, NJ, and I’m spurious to see what will take its place!

It will for sure be missed.

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