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Since you’ll already be staying home this week, you may want to tune in to Jeopardy! on Monday night. The show will have TWO local connections.

Bucks County’s own Emma Farrell will be appearing on Monday night’s episode of the popular quiz show. Farrell, who is a senior at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, is a native of Telford, Bucks County.

She will appear as a contestant during the show’s College Championship week, which kicks off on Monday night (April 6). 

Farrel won’t be the only local face in the competition either, by the way. She will be competing against a Princeton University student, Sirad Hassan.

Jeopardy! Via YouTube
Jeopardy! Via YouTube

Hassan, who is a senior at Princeton University, is from Federick, Maryland.

The winner of this special series will receive $100,000, and the chance to play in the show’s upcoming Tournament of Champions, according to a press release.

Jeopardy! airs locally on 6ABC (WPVI-TV) at 7 pm on weeknights. The 2020 College Championship runs April 6 through April 17.

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