Summer camp remains a favorite activity for many kids (and adult counselors) every year, so why not join a virtual one in quarantine?

We're all hopeful that summer camps WILL happen this summer. But in the interim, Burlington County's Liberty Lake Day Camp (located in Bordentown) is offering an awesome online library of content to help keep the positivity and momentum of summer camp happening... even in quarantine. Plus, we suspect parents will love sharing these videos with their kids.

The videos, which are being posted online as a "Virtual Spring 2020 Camp," are an awesome way to keep the momentum of summer camp going while we're all stuck at home this spring.

Liberty Lake campers, alumni, families, and staff have all been contributing to the video content online to fill a “virtual camp day.” Click here to view their awesome videos and to get into the camping spirit.

“It’s just another way that we’re opening roads,” the camp's owner and director Andy Pritikin tells CBS 3. “We right now have like weeks of stuff (to fill the video library)."

By the way, we should tell you that the camp remains very hopeful that they will open this summer (following guidance from local health officials, of course). Liberty Lake Day Camp in Bordentown, New Jersey welcomes over a thousand kids from all over the state every single summer.

“We have 600 families signed up for camp right now and very few have pulled out despite all the crazy,” Pritikin told CBS 3.

As you can imagine, when parents do finally return to work, they'll want their kids to have as much outdoor time as possible.

"We are preparing to run camp - not sure when it will start, or what it will look like exactly- but parents very much want their kids outdoors this summer," Pritkin told 94.5 PST in an email.

But in the interim, their awesome camping videos are a great escape from this uncertain time.

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