The saying "you learn something new everyday" is so true. In case my case, the "something new" was fact about a classic candy that's made in New Jersey.

I was on Instagram and saw a video on This Is Insider's page that showed how the candy, Smarties, are made. I surprised to see that one of their two factories is in Union, NJ. You can see the of how Smarties are made below.

That video led me go to do some research on the official Smarties website and I found a page about the history of the sweet candy. Story of Smarties begins when Edward “Eddie” Dee, moved from England to New Jersey. Eddie Dee opened his first candy factory in Bloomfield, NJ in August, 1949. Then in 1959 he moved to it to Elizabeth, NJ and moved it one more time to Union, NJ in 1967 where they have stayed ever since.

Love them or not, Smarties are impressive that they have stayed around for decades and they also can brag that they are gluten‑free and vegan. They also are not as many calories as you might think. One classic Smarties candy roll is just 25 calories.

Looks like Smarties won't be going anywhere anytime soon because they colorful candies are made around the clock/24 hours a day in two candy factories. The company wrote on their website that they produce billions of Smarties rolls each year. So when you see them in Halloween baskets and on the shelves in stores you now know the sweet story about Smarties!


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