It’s a sad day, New Jersey!

One of your favorite nostalgic retailers is officially closing the doors of their very last New Jersey location.

Sears has been shutting down thousands of stores across the country in the U.S. over the last few years and the Jersey City location of this retailer has officially announced they will be shutting their doors shortly and their store closing sale is going on now.

Sears Is Officially Closing Its Last Operating New Jersey Location

Sears Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection
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Sears has had only one New Jersey location in business since 2020 and now, Sears seems to be a thing of the past in New Jersey. According to CNN, there used to be at least 11 stores throughout the state since the company filed for bankruptcy in 2018.

The Jersey City location was keeping the name alive and now, their Facebook posts of sale and clearance prices from their store closing sale prove that we officially have to say goodbye to this classic retail store.


Although we’re saying goodbye to this popular store, something new and exciting is coming to the space that I’m sure families and kids will be excited about. It’s been confirmed by that Dave and Buster’s will be taking the place of the old Sears located at Newport Centre Mall.

Dave and Buster’s is known for its huge arcade, bowling alley, restaurant, and more. It’s heaven for kids and even adults who want to let loose and have some fun. Big changes are coming to Jersey City and it’s an exciting time full of new things for North Jersey!

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