This Italian grandma from New Jersey is officially the most heartwarming TikTok star on the entire app right now.

I’ve seen some of her videos before, but as of recently, her account has blown up. Her name is Nonna Pia and with the help of her grandson, she makes the most heartwarming Italian cooking videos that you’ll find on the internet.


Her first video was made back in 2020, right before the start of the pandemic, and automatically TikTok users fell in love with her.

This grandma and grandson duo make videos from their home in Edison, NJ sharing all of Nonna Pia’s authentic Italian recipes for the entire world to try.

She officially has become one of TiokTok’s most loved grandmas since her account took off.

Her page currently has 2.7 million followers and 30.5 million likes between all of the videos.

She shares her recipes for homemade bread, homemade pasta, stuffed peppers and so much more, but you may want to cut the recipes in half because the recipes could easily feed a family of 10.


I swear she’s a superhero because I don’t know anyone who can pump food like this out of their kitchen all on their own.

Nonna Pia is just living her best life at 83 years old and enjoys sharing her recipes with her millions of grandchildren, which is what she refers to her fans as, on TikTok.

It’s so cool when viral TikTok sensations are from our area, especially when they’re as wholesome and heartwarming as Nonna Pia.

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