A list of the most dangerous cities was released and only 1 New Jersey city made the cut on this list. Usually, we see lists like these and are super bummed when only one place in Jersey makes the final cut.

In this instance though, having only one city is a plus! There are a ton of cities on this list that aren’t even remotely close to us, so that’s a win in our book!

Neighborhood scout made this list and listed the top 100 most dangerous cities and the only city from the garden state that made this list was Camden.


They have a bunch of statistics and rates that are posted for each city and you can see them all right here.

According to this list, the number 1 most dangerous city in Bessemer, Alabama.

I’ve personally never heard of this city before but it took the number one spot. Mobile Alabama, Monroe Louisianna, Saginaw Michigan, and Memphis Tennessee make up the other 4 spots within the top 5.

I guess we could say we’re doing pretty well in Jersey! Camden was further down on the list and is sitting at number 34 out of 100.

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